Saturday, 10 March 2012

Largest and Best Cattery in Singapore

Committed to quality care and value added services for all cat residents in our keep.

We are a boarding facility tucked in the beautiful and tranquil countryside of Singapore.

We provide both Premium and Budget cat boarding services in our premises, as well as cat sitting services at your own home.

Our Global Pet Cat Relocation services (based in Singapore) is here to assist owners in relocating your pet cat(s) to overseas or importing to Singapore, hassle free.

Do contact us if you are going away for holidays, or house under-renovation, or require assistance in global pet cat relocation, or in any circumstances where you need a place for your beloved pet cat(s).

We can arrange for viewing of the cattery before you make the decision to board your cat(s).

Visiting hours is 1pm to 4pm daily by appointment only.

Feel free to contact us at 97958995 or email to for any enquiries.

Facebook: Kittycare Haven

Thank you.

Boarding Services

Premium Room Boarding
Rooms are private, spacious and comfortable (Room size - 6ft x 9ft)

- Air-conditioned or Fan-cooled rooms available

- Scratch post, shelving and toys provided

- Personally attended to by experienced lived-in catsitter

- Each standard room can accommodate up to 4 cats from the same household and each deluxe room can accommodate up to 8 cats from the same household

                                               Rates for fan-cooled room
                                                   $25 per day for 1 cat
                                                   $35 per day for 2 cats
                                                   $45 per day for 3 cats

                       Airconed rooms are available at additional $10 per day.

Rate excludes food. Please prepare for your cat(s). A written feeding instruction will be useful.  

Public holiday surcharge of $10 per day applies for all public holidays of Singapore, New Year Eve, Chinese New Year Eve and Christmas Eve.

Please note that there will be additional charge of $15 for compulsory parasite control treatment ( Revolution Spot-on) for each cat upon entry.

If you require, pet transport to pick up and deliver your cat(s) can be arranged at $40 for 1 way and $70 for 2 way transfer. 

Full payment at check in by cash or cheque to Kittycare Haven.

Budget Enclosure Boarding

Fan cooled enclosure
4 ft x 12 ft.

With wooden and plastic shelvings.


*$15 per day for 1 cat
*$25 per day for 2 cats
*$35 per day for 3 cats

- Cat(s) must be vaccinated and vaccination is still valid upon entry.

- There will be a mandatory parasite control treatment (Revolution Spot-on) at $15 per cat upon entry.

For more info, please contact 97958995 (Sia Ping) or email to